BT50 09/2020 + EGR GEN3 Canopy Factory Colours




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Utemart EGR Auto Gen3 Canopies Mazda BT50 2020 2021 2022 EGR’s latest and best Canopy yet! The GEN3.

Having entered the Canopy marking in 2010, EGR is now the market leader in Canopy manufacturing and supply across Australia. With an ALL-NEW design and style, we’d like to introduce you to the Gen3. EGR’s best Canopy yet. Starting with a sheet of ABS, the material is strong, thick and UV stable with acrylic capping to provide an excellent smooth surface as its first and final finish. Using the same process as our Hard Lids, the Canopies are then painted robotically resulting in a A-Class paint finish second to none in Australia. EGR Gen3 Canopies are available in two window options.

Lift Windows both sides, or Lift Window on the curb-side, and drivers side ‘Pop’ window. The front window has been upgraded to a drop-down option to improve and increase access to clean the rear window of the vehicle cabin. All windows are frame-less, clean and do not need any external handles – providing your Canopy with a clean and stylish finish. The side Lift Windows include remote locking as standard and links to your vehicle central locking remote/key. The rear door is fantastic! No Handles! Push button release then simply open with one finger. 3 dimensional curved glass in a nice dark tint. Remote locking also standard to integrate with your vehicle central locking remote/key.

Other notable features include carpet lining, fast clamp style fitment and a vehicle specific plug and play wiring harness to allow for a quick installation. And roof rack surface tracks mounted to the roof as standard for you to choose and option your own personal choice and preference for cross bars. All Canopies are Australian made and manufactured at EGR’s Thermoformed Division in Brisbane. With a commitment to inventory, EGR will warehouse completed Canopies with various side window combinations to ensure when we receive an order, the delivery time is quicker and more efficient than overseas sourced products. EGR Gen3 Canopies – Buy Better!


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