Dual Cab Tub Slider



The Ute is a great car to transport goods, but ever wondered how many times you have to climb into the bed for loading/unloading? And the time it takes and the extra effort to get easily to the cargo?

Accessing the goods faster & better is many times a key question. 

Now we have the solution available: The Max Slide Tray/Floor, to get easier access to your goods in/on the Ute bed.

With the Max Slide Floor you can reach your goods in an upright and comfortable position. The ergonomic solution which saves time and your back, done much faster than ever before!

The Max Slide Floor is a unique product in its segment. The floor is made off the famous HDPE Bedliner floor, which is a proven durable quality solution. Furthermore the shape of the floor follows the Wheel Arch shape, making it the biggest floor from a floor-surface point of view. To fix the cargo we have added our unique Super Lock system, Also proven for many years with our Bedliners, ensuring you transport the goods safely, without damaging them while on the road. Tray provides quick and easy access of goods through sliding mechanism within the Ute bed.

Product Features

  • Lightweight rail system
  • Maximum loading capacity of 250 kg
  • Smooth push and pull sliding to access goods


SLIDE TRAY for Toyota, Ford, Isuzu, Cannon, Mitsubishi and Mazda.

The efficient and ergonomic solution to load/unload your goods.

Includes SuperLock to ty down goods safely.