GWM Cannon Manual Roll Cover


Cannon roll top to suit 2020+ sports bar compatable

Prices include fitting by our specialist technitions.

Sports Bar adapters and sports bar installation additinal

Please enquire for supply only pricing and a frieght quote if needed.



Our newest design  roll tops for Aussie utes!

Our Roller Covers  the combination of hours of R&D, testing and hands on experience with our previous models .

We have listened to our customers feedback and have redesigned, improved and invested considerable time in creating the best Roller Cover for your ute.

These Roll tops are designed for Australian conditions, with stainless steel internals, fittings, brackets and a durable design that will not fade or deteriorate in our harsh conditions.

Our latest Roll tops feature inter-locking slats that are NOT susceptible to the “Stanley knife cut” attack a seen on other branded Roller Covers on Youtube!

With four point drainage system these Roller Covers will keep your tub dry even in the harshest of downpours! They are not waterproof, no Roll top is as the tub itself has gaps between the tailgate which allows water in. However our Roller Covers are extremely water resistant and you would be hard pressed to get water in over the tub!


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