Next Gen Dual Cab July 2022 to Current With Headboard, Genuine No Drill Clip On Tonneau Cover


Ford Ranger Next Gen Dual Cab July 2022 to Current With Headboard, Genuine No Drill Clip On Tonneau Cover


Price includes fitting at our Campbelltown facility



  • Genuine No Drill Design Unlike most of the OEM drilled covers, ours is a genuine no drill. The Tuff Clip On 2.0 has redefined “TUFF” This patented design does so by using only factory fitment points, clamps and absolutely no drill holes INSIDE or OUTSIDE of your Ute. No Drill, No Rust.


  • 15 Minutes to Install, No Tools Required Everyone is an expert fitter with the Tuff Clip On 2.0. Our Professionally created easy to read fitting instructions can be completed in under 15 minutes, even with no experience, you will feel like it was installed by a professional.


  • Adjustable Tension Control Our Patented adjustable tonneau support bar design allows the cover to maintain a tight fit and great looks in extreme temperatures and all weather conditions.


  • Tuff 2.0 Hardware is made from Tuff Anodised aluminium, which does not oxidise or discolour like cheaper brands, keeping your tonneau looking like new, years after it was installed.


  • Hauling Flexibility Carrying over-size loads is not a problem with our stretch cord, clip on system. Attached to the underside of the cover, the system enables you to secure your cover, and handle over size loads with ease.



  • One Year No Fuss Warranty.
  • Full weather proof lining on the top.
  • Rot-proof bonded thread.
  • Rip resistant material.
  • Maximum U.V. protection.
  • All tonneau covers come with a complete fitting kit that includes everything you need to install your cover.

Originally engineered for aerospace and aviation applications, new 303 Automotive Protectant provides superior UV protection for any rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces of your vehicle, such as your dashboard, windshield wiper blades, and even your tyres. Unlike many protectants that leave greasy residues, 303 Automotive Protectant dries to a clear matte finish without that sticky, shiny slick feeling.

As the Australian leaders in our industry we are not happy to just follow the pack. Innovation and continuous product improvement is our main motivation. Buy with complete confidence that you are getting the best, premium tonneau cover on the market, one that is made and backed by Australia’s leading tonneau cover manufacturer.